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YL-600P is a commercial POU water fountain designed for rugged conditions. It uses the most modern design idea and durable materials available, and is engineered to the highest level of quality and dependability.
1. Unique and stylish design.
2. Durable HDPE body.
3. Hermetic internal bladder is made of excellent food-grade stainless steel 304, also with food grade brass internal tubing and connectors, healthy and safe.
4. It has a protection against electricity leakage, safe and reliable.
5. Convenient and comfortable: purifying, heating, cooling, all controlled automatically, need no special attention.
6. Technology and human friendly, with unique constant temperature spray nozzle, easy to use and healthy.
7. Shortcut connection and multi-grade purifying make the water much cleaner, it’s also very easy to change filter.
8. 360 degree free turning gooseneck faucets, can fit any water bottle.
9. Top brand and freon-free compressor cooling system, can endure frequent switch on and off; Finned cooler and force cooling with a fan, provide strong cooling capability.
High quality water fountain model, integrating comfort, luxury, safe, convenience in one body, widely used in places that need a lot of drinking water, such as home, coffee shop, catering, amusement and recreation place, office building, airport, commercial hall, industrial and mining enterprises, and other public places.
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